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So to those that might not get many asks or just dont know what pose they might want to do here is the Palette-Pose Maker!!

Palette: [x]
Poses: a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h

And I think it goes without saying that if you get a number+letter that dont exist pick again!


taking requests right now! so gogogogogogogogogo! ive got a list of them ive already got to do but gogogogogogogogogogogo!!!

C’mon I’ll give it a try! Any requests? C:

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nyankoii asked:

I FORGOT TO BREED VIVILLONS xD i'll send you another trade later after i breed some eggs omg //fail

Sure no problem! lol I picked up an extra Ocean if you have an extra of something else that i don’t have yet I can trade you my Ocean for something new :3 (I have High Plains, Elegant, Ocean, Polar, Meadow, and Modern now)

Dajare Corner! [1]

Dajare means gag and in this case its Pun Jokes.

I just rewatched Episode 31 of Ueki no Housoku! (Law of Ueki)

Puns Everywhere! Because this one group uses an ability to make Puns into Reality.

If you know Japanese I hope you laugh! I’ll tell you the effect and the two words that are the puns.

Buta ga butta

Get hit by a pig! Buta = pig // butta = get hit

Butsuzou ga butsu-zou

Get hit by a Buddhist statue! butsuzou = Buddhist statue // butsu (zou) = hit (sentence ender). 

Wabaki kuratte wa baki!

*When hit by indoor shoes makes a “baki”(sound)!  wabaki = indoor shoes // wa baki = makes a “baki”!

Buta wo butta

Hit a pig!  Buta = pig // butta = get hit
(Effect: Changed the opponents target to a pig)

土管をドカン /or?/ ドカンを土管
Dokan wo dokan

The pipe explodes! dokan = ceramic pipe // dokan = explosion/”Bang”.
(Effect:Pipes appear at a bomb and explodes earlier than wanted.)

Sai ni hikare-nasai

Get hit by rhinoceros! Sai = Rhino // hikare-naSAI = get hit

Geta wo nageta

Threw a clog! Geta = clog // naGETA = threw
(Effect: Changes whatever was thrown into a clog)

Stoobu ga suttobu

The stove went flying! stoobu = stove // suttobu = went flying
[Effect: The stove went flying into the opponent’s face]

Toire ni itto-ire

Go be in the bathroom! Toire = bathroom // itTo-IRE = go be in the…
[Effect: Brings opponent into a Porta-Potty! lol]

Tobira ga akkan。 Sore akkan!

[A Western-Dialect Pun]
The door won’t open. That’s not good! akkan = won’t open // akkan = not good!

便所が火事だ。 ヤベーんじょ!
Benjo ga kaji da Yabee-njo!

There’s a fire in the bathroom. That’s bad! Benjo = bathroom // yaBEH-(NJO) = That’s bad (sentence ender)

Boku sa, bokusaa

Well, I’m a boxer! boku sa = Well, I // bokusaa = Boxer

Watakushi wa takushii

I am a Taxi! Watakushi = I [extra formal] // wa takushii = am a taxi


Further Explanations:

*Wabaki kuratte wa baki!
When hit by indoor shoes makes a “baki”!

Baki: Baki is a Japanese onomatopoeia[aka sound effect]. (Like how crash and bang are English onomatopoeia.)

Indoor Shoes: The Japanese culture uses different shoes depending on if one is indoors or outdoors to better keep the floors clean [most commonly seen in school settings].

To simplify: When hit by shoes, makes a smack (sound)!


I hope you enjoyed my first [and possibly only?] Dajare Corner! lol ;3

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